Good Try Satan….

I have yet to encounter a challenge that has not tested my patience…

Whether the challenge is small and minor or large and life changing, I always face it head on.

What I had envisioned to be a quick and simple project, just turned into a two weekend ordeal….

Checking #365 off my “I’ll do it my damn self’ list”

Fix Leaking Bathtub By Replacing Caulk

Attempt One:

  • Remove old caulk
  • Evaluate the situation
  • Panic and pump gobs of (what I thought was) caulk in place as a temporary fix.
  • Call Contractor
After speaking with a contractor and contemplating my options of a complete bathroom renovation and watching the tub enclosure glue (that I thought was caulk) drip down the tub walls all week,  I decided to start over and re-caulk.
I’m just hopping it will stop the tub from leaking into my dining room. SMH…

Attempt Two:

If you are looking to re caulk your tub, my non-professional opinion is…

You will need to follow these 5 steps:

Step 1

Purchase actual caulk (you know, the kind that everyone else uses)

Step 2

Use the little patience you have and remove every bit of hard and oozing wet glue.  (Hopefully, you will only need to remove old caulk)

Step 3

Have plenty of paper towels and rags to wipe off excess caulk.  (Be sure to toss them all over the bathroom as you work vigorously)

Step 4

Load your military style, rapid fire, semi automatic caulk gun and pull trigger. (Caulk till your little hearts content and just remember, your mother is not there, so you will need to clean up after yourself.)

Step 5

Pour wine, let dry and pray that you did a good enough job, to NEVER have to do it again.

Every bad thing turns into a good thing in the end… It’s a matter of patience.

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