On my journey from 30-40 I set out to test my wellbeing, self-confidence and willpower by completing my Bucket List of “Top Ten Things To do before I’m 40”.

The goal was not for the recognition or reward. It was for the person I would become by finding the discipline, courage and commitment it would take to achieve them.

Along the way I leaned I can set goals and dream big but, what I thought was important at 30 isn’t so important at 40.

I am looking at the bright side of 40 and will continue to set personal goals and reach to achieve them.

As for my Bucket List from 40 – 50 I plan to write 10 life experiences over the next 10 years that changed my life and why I consider them to be a bucket list worthy experience.

Here’s to the next 10 years, creating the life I want to live and simply “living life” CHEERS!!