2008 is a promising year for me and a start of a new chapter in my life. I’m the big 30! And have never felt better..

I am definitely not the type to deal well with change. Maybe 30 is the change I have been waiting for. When I think of the past, I embrace all my experiences and look at them all as a test and a stepping stone to where I am today. I’m ready to test my limits and am committed to make the next 10 years of my life an experience, to remember. I have decided my highway of life has brought me in so many different directions and tested my strengths and weaknesses to the fullest. And now I am putting a bump in my road and challenging myself with my “Top Ten Things To do Before I’m 40”
As I looked down my highway of life, I have cheated myself and have never been able to overcome certain factors that fear me and intrigue me. I feel I have been conservative, reserved and never able to just simply let go. So from here on out I’m letting it all go and embarking on a new journey. This highway is a one way path of accomplishments that will test my well being, self confidence and willpower.

The Top Ten Things To Do Before I’m The BIG 40”

(In no specific order)

1. Finish A Dollhouse Completely

OCD has stood in my way… My ideas tend to drift to frequently to focus. I have been a dollhouse enthusiast since I was 8 years old and have built many houses but can never seem to finish one before I move on to the next.

COMPLETED:  I purchase the exact Dollhouse Kit that my mother built for me when I was 8 and started building it in December 2011. It is in the progress of completion. Just like our real homes, they will always be a work in progress.

2. Nose Ring

It’s something I have always loved and admired on people but never felt like it was something I could do because of the fears of being judged by others. I need to learn to let go and not worry about what everyone else thinks and do what I want to do for me.

COMPLETED:  4/12/08 
After getting a staph infection and hospitalized for a week due to my nose ring, I had to remove it. I loved it, glad I experienced it and have no regrets.
COMPLETED:  10/03/14
Whats the chance of getting another staph infection this time around? lol.. I guess we will wait and see!

3. Get a Tattoo

I always wanted to get a tattoo but never knew what I wanted that would be just perfect for me. I am a strong optimist and I have finally decided on the perfect piece for me. (I’ll post it when I get it)

IN PROGRESS 10/21/2017  
I was given the Gift Certificate for my 40th Birthday from Colleen, Sarah and Stacy to go complete the last Item on my Bucket list. 

4. Run a 5k

Ok so I’m laughing at the thought of making it 5 miles.. But with the training and desire I’m going to do it.. I am an avid treadmill walker but i’m getting no where walking so I need to pick up the pace. Let the training begin 🙂

COMPLETED 9/12/2015  

I completed the Insane Inflatabes 5k Blame It All On My Roots… Insanity Runs In The Family with family members.

5. Cage Dive With Shark’s

I am infatuated with sharks and love to watch shark week. I fear them but love the idea of being up and close to one. I recently swam and held a nurse shark in Jamaica for my 30th b-day. I am ready to take it to the next level and cage dive in shark infested waters.


Ok, so I took a baby step and swam with nurse sharks in Jamaica and then went cage diving in a acrylic tank in Mexico. I loved every second of it.. I can’t wait to do the reg. cage =)

6. Weigh less then 1?0lbs

Ok so I have been up and down with my weight for years and have a goal weight to stay below. When on track I am obsessed with health, can preach it but not accomplish it. So with this added to my list its a constant reminder to accomplish my goal!


My 10 years of wisdom have taught me that weight is just a number and If you are happy with yourself the number means nothing. 

7. Spend a Weekend With Girlfriends At a Spa For My 40th

Nothings better than some down time with the girls.. Starting with my 30th b-day a trip to AC at the spa . On my 40th we deserve a weekend retreat of TLC.

COMPLETED:  10/22/2017

I had the pleasure of spending my 40th birthday at Crystal Springs Resort with my Sister Stacy and two best friends Colleen and Sarah. It was absolutely perfect!

8. Go topless in the Caribbean

Ok why not? I’m self concise about myself and cant begin to image how I’m going to pull this off. But what the hell let them all hang out at least once.. Show my best assesses and pretend to be European for the day. Sorry no pictures of this accomplishment… 🙂

COMPLETED:  3/29/2008

Sorry No pictures of this event.. lol

9. Bikini Wax

All girls have to try it once right? They say pain is beauty so why not see how true it really is!


This can definitely be explained as an experience close to child bearing pain. However, like giving birth after its done you forget all about the pain.

10. Personal Accomplishment

I have a true personal accomplishment that I would like to fulfill before I am forty but, I rather keep it to myself . This will give you 10 years to wonder what it is or was…


BONUS – Most Feared and afraid I will not accomplish!

I’m scared of heights, roller coasters, and any thing that involves danger! Before my kids I was a thrill seeker and loved amusement parks, quads riding, freestyle wave runner competitions, knee boarding and danger. As a mother I fear everything… when my kids are with me.

COMPLETED:  6/24/12
I got to experience the best experience of my LIFE with 11 Cousins & My Aunt Carol, with family and friends by my side. It was the most feared and the most enjoyed!

Anyone else up for the challenge? Anyone want to join me in my quest to sky dive, cage dive or get a tattoo? Let me know we have the next 10 years to finish the list….

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